2022-2023 Sponsors

A big Boca Grande thank you to all who donated to support Royal Palm Players’ 2022-23 Season.

Royal Palm Players warmly thanks the individuals, businesses and foundations for their donations during this season. Such support enables RPP to offer varied and exciting programming for our community.

30th Anniversary Club Sponsors

The Boca Grande Woman’s Club
Englewood Bank and Trust
Jim Burke in memory of his wife, Leigh
Becky and Bill Deupree & Family
Ann and Bob Fletcher
Sandi Irvine
Lynda and Bob Jamison
Daphne and Jamie McManus
The Ruth Lilly Foundation (Ginny and Pete Nicholas)
Jeanie and Bayne Stevenson
Barbara and Justin Wilson
Royal Palm Players Board of Directors 2019-2020

Season Sponsors

Bobbie and Fred Allardayce
Buchanan Family Foundation — Kenneth Buchanan
Alice and David Court
Betsy and Ron Drake
Jennifer and Bud Gruenberg
Judy and Stanley Ikenberry
Erica and Gary Martin
Sarah McDonald
Cappy and Peter Powell
Ashley Scott
Linden and Scott Wise

Show Sponsor

Ginny and Randy Bell
Kathy and Dennis Berry
Dan Carten
Young Chung
Lynda and Jim Grant
Tsch and Tom Hunter in honor of Kimberly Whipple
Mary and Ray Mithun
Andrea and Chris Nielsen
Julia and Fred Pierce
Eileen and Carlos Rodriguez
Elaine and Ed Skypala
Robbie and John Stanley
Julie and Hugh Sullivan
Hope van Beuren
Nancy and Bill Whitney
Pat and Ross Witschonke

Leading Role

Lindsey and Ellen Brumback Allen
Sandy and Bill Bertsch
Sweet Pea Foundation – Betsy Blau
Victoria and Blake DeBoest
Fran and John Edwardson
Nancy and David Galliher
Gay and Doug Lane
Beth and Bob Lane
John Lindahl
Gina and Marty McFadden
Cori and Jim Palmere
Linda and Mike Rollyson
Kate and William Sackett
Sarah and Peter Sherwood
Alice and Geoffrey Stengel Jr.

Supporting Cast

Rita and Matt Andis
James Barker
Kay and Chuck Barnell
Courtney and Carl Borntraeger
Carol and Sam Campbell
Lois and George Castrucci
Tanny Clark
Hank and Nell Cox
Kelly Hawes and Rusty Dun
Pam and Bob Heilman
Anne Honey
Teri and Bill Irvine
Diane Johnson
Robert Kersman
Frank Koffend
Kathy and Bill LaPoint
Kris Doubles and Jim Luscombe
Bea and Graeme MacLetchie

Donna and Tom Margetts
Candace and John Marsellus
Deborah and William Miller
Carol and George Milne
Diana Nevala
Jane and Franklin Norton
Peter O’Brien
Linda Ranney
Nancy and Pat Ryan
Candace and Billy Sasser
David Sculley
Jane Shanley
Penelope Sims
Nancy and Herbert Sodel
Mary and Wade Staniar
Angela and Mike Steffan
Anne Watkins
Stephanie and David Williams

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