The Dining Room on Boca Grande

A Grande Beginning

A Table Reading adaptation of A.R. Gurney’s The Dining Room



Dates and Times

Monday, Nov. 13th at 5 pm
Tuesday, Nov. 14th at 5 pm


$25 (Standard) / $35 (Premium)
Wine Service included

Poster: The Dining Room on Boca Grande

Sponsored By:

Gulf Coast Community Foundation

About the Show

The Dining Room On Boca Grande is adapted from A.R. Gurney’s dramedy of manners. This table reading literally takes place around a dining room table in a mansion on Gilchrist Avenue. Through a vivid mosaic of scenes, different families in different time periods create a portrait of life on Boca Grande for the past 100 years. You’ll be enthralled as 17 actors carrying scripts change roles, personalities and ages as they portray over 40 characters. From little boys to stern grandparents to giggling teens to housemaids and butlers, each scene examines another aspect of life. Directed and adapted by longtime RPP member Erica Ress Martin, The Dining Room on Boca Grande is certain to satisfy your appetite for fun.

Cast, Director & Production Crew

Starring (in alphabetical order)

Gordon Allen, Kenneth Buchanan, Jim Cowperthwait, Jim Grace, Jim Grant, Lynda Grant, Patricia Groves, Dan Headington, Roger Lewis, Sarah McDonald, April Miano, Louise Raterman, Barbara Stirling, Susie Tinsley, Pat Witschonke, Ross Witschonke, Polina Voinevych*
*New to the RPP stage


Erica Ress Martin


Linda Rollyson, Alice Court

Lighting & Technical Director

Mike Hilton

Set, Props & Costumes

Erica Ress Martin, Alice Court and Linda Rollyson


Ticket Sales Begin:

September 11, 2023 for Sponsors
(access code required)

September 25, 2023 for the General Public

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